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Have a relaxing vacation in Rantavilla wooden cottages in Parkano!

Wooden Rantavilla cottages are perfectly equipped and having a vacation in Rantavilla cottages is both easy and comfortable in summer as well as in winter. The wooden cottages were completed in august 2013 and are located near a lake on a beautiful cape in Parkano. There’s nearly 150 meters of shoreline with a spectacular view across the lake and the nearby islands.

The main building has two bedrooms with room for four persons in total. In addition, the cottage’s equipped with two spare beds. During the summertime, a separate wood-heated sauna cabin is also available for use. The sauna cabin has room and beds for two additional persons.

Check out photos of the buildings and the surrounding area here (opens in a new window, text only in Finnish)

Have a vacation in summer!

Have a quiet holiday away from everyday life and enjoy the spacious wood-heated sauna near the beach, swim, sunbathe or sit near a campfire at the beach in the evening.

You can fish or row a boat around the lake or even make a trip to one of the rocky islands. Some of the islands are protected areas and lighting a fire is prohibited in all of the islands.

Walking trails of Seitseminen National Park offer great conditions for outdoor activities. You can pick berries and mushrooms, fish, just wander around in the beautiful nature or even make a trip to the ancient Multiharju forest.

Ikaalinen Spa and Ellivuori Ski Resort are nearby and if you don’t mind a slightly longer trip, you could even make a trip to sandy beaches of Yyteri within the day.

The main cottage is equipped with a 32″ widescreen TV, DVD/Blu-ray player, board games and books, so even the rainy days won’t get boring.

Having a vacation in our cottages is cheaper in autumn and winter!

On a sunny autumn day you could make an unforgettable trip to the nearby bog to pick cranberries or to watch the migration of cranes. Forest trips are free of mosquitoes and you could easily pick up some wild mushrooms for dinner. Fishing and boating are, of course, available also in autumn.

Visit our cottages in winter to enjoy a calm and quiet stay in middle of the beautiful snow covered nature. During the day you can ski in the ski trails of Seitseminen National Park and grill sausages in the fire pits by ski trail. In winter and early spring, skiing, skating or ice fishing on a frozen lake is also an experience. Shielded away from the cold and blizzards, you can enjoy the evenings in the warm cabin by the fireplace. The Christmas and the New Year holidays at the cabin are both unforgettable experiences.

General information on Rantavilla wooden cottages and renting

The cottages are located in approximately 10 000 m² cape area in Parkano. You can see the lake from all the windows of the cottage. Wood-heated spacious sauna cabin is right by the lake and in use only during summertime. There is also a fire pit on the beach. The bottom of the lake near the beach is shallow, sandy and suitable for small children. The bottom of the lake at the end of the pier is mostly mud. The beautiful lake is about three kilometers long and most of the islands have shallow beaches. Some of the islands are nature preservation sites and making an open fire in all of the islands is strictly forbidden.

The wooden cottage is available around the year and has high-quality amenities. The cottage is air conditioned and is equipped with a heat recovering ventilation system and a central vacuum cleaner. The electric sauna in the main building is suitable for 3-4 persons and there are two showers in the bathroom. The cottages are also equipped with TV, radio, Blu-ray/DVD player, Wireless Internet, books and magazines.

The spacious wood-heated lakeside sauna has room for 6-8 persons. In the living quarters of the sauna cabin, there are beds for two persons. The beach near the sauna building has a fire pit and a pier.

Bed linens and towels are not included in the price, but are also available for rent at a small extra price. As a lessee, you are are responsible for cleaning up during your stay and in particular at the end of your stay! If you don’t feel like cleaning up yourself, you can order a final cleaning at a cost of 150 euros. The lessee is also responsible for paying for any broken objects or damage caused to the property. General rental terms and conditions of cabins and cottages apply. We are quite flexible and we can agree to renting of periods that deviate from the regular weekly and weekend rentals.


Please view our Terms and Conditions for more details.

Winter warm wooden cottage

  • Thermolog, 82m2, 4 + 2 beds
  • 2 bedrooms + livingroom + kitchen + utility room + hall + toilet + sauna
  • Available all year, electric- and wood-heating
  • Completed in 2013
  • Terrace with sliding windows

Sauna cabin by the lake

  • Wood-heated sauna for 6-8 persons
  • Separate dressing room / Bedroom for 2 persons
  • A spacious terrace
  • Bathroom with a 80-liter cauldron
  • The bottom of the lake near the beach has a shallow, sandy floor. Further ahead, the lake floor is mostly mud.

Other amenities

  • Pier and a rowing boat
  • Fire pit at the beach
  • Electric- and wood-heating
  • Fireplace and firewood
  • Outdoor toilet near the sauna cabin
  • Bed linens available for rent (20 € / set)
  • Cooking utensils and dishes
  • Fridge/Freezer, ceramic stove, separate oven, microwave and dishwasher
  • Coffee maker, water boiler and toaster
  • Washing machine
  • Central vacuum cleaner
  • Air conditioning
  • TV, Blu-ray/DVD, Wireless Internet
  • Life jackets (4)


  • Parking in the yard for 3-4 cars.
  • Town of Parkano 15 km, the town has a shop, restaurants and a train station
  • Tampere 90 km, Seinäjoki 109km, Vaasa 173km, Helsinki 270km
  • Bus stop 5km
  • 100m to the nearest neighbor

Check out photos of the buildings and the surrounding area here (opens in a new window, text only in Finnish)

Wishing you a nice and successful vacation
Markku Laitinen!


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